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This is the resource Web site for the Western Technical College E-Commerce Course. If you need get hold of John Montét, he can be reached at 608.397.3801 or by email at MontetJ@westerntc.edu

Fall 2008

Week 7
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Development Process
While the process we looked at in class is custom-designed (all good processes are), it is loosely based on the System Development Lifecycle, or SDLC.

RSS Feeds
This is the Wikipedia listing for RSS Feeds. It is fairly comprehensive. A simple explanation can be found at WhatIsRSS.com. The best way to start reading RSS is to pull your favorite news sorces. You can usually find listings for RSS on the major news sites. Here is the RSS listings for Yahoo! news.

Most online e-commerce databases, at the beginning level, are built in MySQL. The best way to manage this kind of database online is with phpMyAdmin. It allows you to use the Web to manage the data rather than having to transfer it back and forth.

An online database service. I'm unclear as to how reliable these folks are, but they give a great example of what is possible.

Week 6
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Google's Web Webmaster Tools
Everything you need to get your site set up and ready to compete in the search world.

Webmaster Guidlines
Good advice and tools to get your site ready for search.

Google AdWords
Paid search central. This is where you go to start your search campaign.

Google AdSense
Here you can begin making money by placing ads on your Web site.

Campaign Monitor
A great place to start your own email marketing campaign.

The law governing email marketing. It is a good idea to observe these practices, even if you aren't working at high volume.

Week 5

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Section 508 information
This site will give you more than you need to know on Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. It is important information if you are designing a Web site that receives Federal funding, or if you wish to accommodate more than half of your potential customers. Following these guidelines will bring you into compliance with the American's with Disabilities Act as well.

Color Blind Web Test
See what your Web site, and others, looks like to those with various forms of color-blindness.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a premier free analytics tool. It requires minimal programming (just a little cut and paste), and gives you access to a myriad of information and resources.

Browser Shots
See what you Web page (or any Web page) looks like in other browsers and platforms. It takes a bit to load, but is worth the time if you don't have access to a Mac or PC (if you have just one or the other).

Donald Norman
Mr. Norman is a leading expert in User Interface Design (UID). His information is well worth a read when designing any Web site.

Week 4

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How Domains and Name Servers Work
Here is a great explanation on how Domains work.

Network Solutions
A good place to register domain names. They are the .com domain controller.

Adobe Recommended Hosts
This is a list of hosting companies Adobe recommends. Some are good, a few are all right.

The best ASP.NET host I've come across. Their pricing is at a business level, however.

Host My Site
These are people I'm considering trying. I don't have a recommendation, but they are worth checking out. They also demonstrate a typical hosting companies' offerings.

Week 3

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Here are a number of e-commerce solution providers.

A site where you can sell your own creations. It is a site that is referenced from the Plain Jane Mom blog.

Credit Card Processing
More than you ever wanted to know about how credit card processing works. Unless you are a developer, you may want to stop after an explanation of the graphic. The rest is an explanation of how API's interface with Web sites.

How Encryption Works
A nice explanation of how encryption works.

SSL Shopper
This site helps you find an SSL host that fits your needs. It is very handy!

An open source database, used by many different sites. An excellent way to create a fully fledged database without any cost.

SQL Express Database
One of the best database programs used on the Web. Express version is the same as the full version, only with less features.

Week 2

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Software I use or recommend
If you are interested in creating your own Web sites, here is a list of the software I use. I included cheaper versions I recommend for those on a budget

Software Recommendations
I use Cheaper version
Dreamweaver Hotdog
Visual Studio Visual Web Developer
MS SQL SQL Express or MySql
Flash No good substitute, sorry.
Photoshop GIMP
Firefox (Web Developer Plug in) Same thing. Hey, it's free!

Stock photography
You can buy professional, stock photography at iStockPhoto and PunchStock.com Be sure to read their licensing agreements before you buy.

How to build a simple Web page
About.com has a fairly good tutorial on how to build a Web page.

Week 1

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E-Commerce Questions
Questions we came up with in class. We will try to cover all of these subjects in the Weeks to come.

W3C Schools
Interested in learning more about XHTML? Check out a leading authority at the W3C Schools. They have all you need to know and more about many of the languages used on the Web.

Some of my work
If you are interested, you can view my portfolio at www.montet.org/portfolio.