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This is the resource Web site for the Western Technical College Dreamweaver III. Course. If you need get hold me, John Montét, I can be reached at 608.397.3801 or by email to johnmontet at gmail.com


  Dreamweaver III


Week 5

Spry tutorial
This is a great tutorial video, taken right from the Welcome Screen, that shows how to use a table as a Spry datasource. Very slick!

Here is the New York Times tea blog RSS feed.

This is your source for Lorem Ipsum text you can use for deign and layout.

Week 4

Download the PowerPoint

This is an excellent site for downloading files directly from YouTube. You can then use other conversion tools to change the file type if you choose.

This is the exercise we will do in class. It involves some changes to our template and some added pages. It will get you ready to embed video and SWF files.

Cup of Brown Joy
The video about tea, we use in class. This is on the YouTube Web site.

Blog Copy
This is the copy for the Blog page. You will need this to do the exercise for this week.

Week 3

Download the PowerPoint

Open a window with JavaScript
This site walks through the process of creating a pop-up window with JavaScript.

Creating a Confirm box with JavaScript
This is a great site for JavaScript. This first page shows how to create a Confirm box.

Lightbox 2
This AJAX library lets you do popup images and photogalleries.

Week 2

How Web Forms Work
This is a great overview of Web forms, including a tutorial on how to create client-side coding (JavaScript) validation to make sure everything is filled out correctly.

PHP Tutorial
Learn more about PHP, one of the most common server-side languages on the Internet.

JavaScript Cookies
An excellent article on how to work with cookies in JavaScript.

Week 1

List of Tea Prices
This is the list of tea prices in Excel format.

Contact Us Content
This is the content for the "Contact Us" page.

HTML Forms Tutorial
This is a friendly version of HTML forms. It includes a try-it-yourself tutorial.

HTML Forms
Here is WAY too much information on forms. It gives the end-all result of how they must work.

Information for Dreamweaver III will be posted just prior to the first class.