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This is the resource Web site for the Western Technical College Dreamweaver II. Course. If you need get hold me, John Montét, I can be reached at 608.397.3801 or by email at MontetJ@westerntc.edu


  Dreamweaver II


Week 5

Really? you're still looking for a PowerPoint?

Tea Castle Week 5
This is the site complete after Week 5.

Week 4

No PowerPoint for Week 4

Updates from the Web Blog
This is the link to the new blog I'm running at Southeast Technical. It much of this information is not directly related to the college. Instead, it is geared toward computer and Web users in general.

List of Tea Prices
This is the list of tea prices in Excel format.

Tables Vs. CSS - A Fight to the Death
This is a fun, if dated article on the differences between these design techniques. Since modern browsers deal with CSS2 just fine, it is an even more decisive fight five years later.

Week 3

No PowerPoint for Week 3

Coding Toolbar Overview
This is a line-by-line look at the code-view tools; from Adobe's help section

Tea Stuff files
These are the images and conent needed for the frames section of the course.

Week 3 Tea Castle site
Here you will find the completed tea castle site after Week 3 is complete.

Week 2

Download the PowerPoint

Week 1 Complete
Don't download or install these files unless directed to do so in class.

Template Tutorial
A great step-by-step tutorial. (Actually, it is just the Dreamweaver Help files all in one place.)

Repeating Regions
Adobe Help has a nice tutorial on how to create repeating regions. It is heavy read, though.

Video of InContext Editing
From Adobe and Lynda.com. This is an Adobe service that allows you to create pages that can be edited by those with an Adobe ID. We won't be covering this in class, but it is kind of cool once you know templates.

Week 1

Download the PowerPoint

Tea Castle Files
These are the files you will need to begin Dreamweaver II

Our Tea Content
This is the final content for the "Our Tea" page. Be sure you add the image!

Contact Us Content
This is the content for the "Contact Us" page.

History of Tea Content
This if for the main "History of Tea" page.

HTML Lists
A nice overview of lists in HTML

This page on the W3C Schools Web site shows you how links are created in HTML. It covers the main types of links.

More than just links, pseudo-classes are can be used for many things. This section covers the gamut.

Information for Dreamweaver II will be posted just prior to the first class.