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  Dreamweaver I

Week 5

Download the PowerPoint

CSS for Tea Castle
This is the file you will need to proceed with the next class. It contains all of the strucuture CSS required for the site.

Our Tea Content
This is the final content for the "Our Tea" page. Be sure you add the image!

Contact Us Content
This is the content for the "Contact Us" page.

HTML Lists
A nice overview of lists in HTML

This page on the W3C Schools Web site shows you how links are created in HTML. It covers the main types of links.

More than just links, pseudo-classes are can be used for many things. This section covers the gamut.

Javascript Tutorial
Learn how to create a pop-up window in Javascript - with all the bells and whistles.

Designers ToolBox
A great site link from fellow student, and designer extrodonaire, Tim Burkhalter. This site not only provides some design inspiration, but has excellent information on potential standard banner sizes, HTML characters, and Web safe areas. This site has some truly awesome resources.

"Your First CSS-Based Website with Adobe Dreamweaver" Tutorial (From Adobe)
From The Edge newsletter comes a full tutorial on how to build a Web site from the ground up using Dreamweaver. This is very similar to how we do things in class, although some of the methods are a bit different. It is definately worth your time.

Week 4

Download the PowerPoint

Images for Tea Castle
Here you will find the images for the Tea Castle Web site. Remember, these images are not free from copyright restrictions.

PSD for Tea Castle
This is the Photoshop Document for the Tea Castle site. Feel free to download and disect the bugger. No Photoshop? Just download the JPEG.

Tea Castle Site Requirements Document
This is the requirements document that shows eveyrthing needed for the Tea Castle site. You have one for your site, don't you?

Tea Castle Site Map
The site map for the Tea Castle Web site.

CSS Shorthand
This page gives a very good overview of how CSS Shorthand works. I use this quite a bit for backgrounds, but rarely for fonts.

Tea Castle - Nearly Complete
Here you will find the completed site, as we will have it once the classes are done. Some pages are not complete, of course, but it is a nice preview of what is to come.

Week 3

Download the PowerPoint

Exercise W3.1
Here you will create a CSS document, link it up to a Web page, and add some style. How cool is that?

Jabberwocky and Raven Images
A page where you can download images to place in the Web pages.

Image File Formats on Wikipedia
Here is some great information on the various image formats available. Keep in mind that JPEG, GIF, and increasingly PNG are the most common formats used on the Web.

Lossy vs. Lossless
Wikipedia also has a great article on the differences between these types of digital images.

Background Images in CSS
There are a number of different values for background-position. This pages/tutorial lists all the possibilies.

Week 2

Download the PowerPoint

Exercise W2.1 - Creating a Dreamweaver Site
In this exercise, we will learn how to create a Dreamweaver Site.

Exercise W2.2 - Working with Text
Here, we will learn how to make changes to a page. We will see how these changes are reflected in the CSS.

HTML Tip Sheet
This is a tip sheet you can use to create simple Web pages, or do HTML editing.

You will need the link to this file to do Exercise W2.2

The Raven Text
You can use this to try your hand at creating another page after Exercise W2.2

Week 1

Recommended Texts

Download the PowerPoint

Dreamweaver Pre-Assessment
Please take a moment and answer these questions.

Dreamweaver Text Book
Because this text is rather expensive, I have not made it a requirement for this class. However, if you don't mind the price, it is an excellent resource for learning Dreamweaver. This is the CS5 version.

Syllabus & Outline
There are two links above; one to each of the documents for this class.


CSS Tutorial
This is a great place to start with CSS.

List of XHTML tags. This site will also get you on your way to writing XHTML by hand.

Curious about XML? Check out this tutorial. You can also learn more about it on Wikipedia.

CSS Zen Garden
The place to see a magnificent display of CSS prowess. Remember, all of these pages have exactly the same XHTML. It is only the CSS that changes!

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